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Welcome to my website and thank you for dropping by! Take all the time you like to look at some of the beautiful things I've made. A very special Thank You to my wonderful customers in England. Please continue to call!

Go here for more information about the lovely buckskin dress I'm wearing.
Travis Little Bear and JoAnn Harris are residents in Southest Texas, near the upper Gulf Coast. JoAnn's Indian heritage is Cherokee. The couple enjoys dancing at Pow-Wows and have made friends with so many lovely people all over this great nation. JoAnn began selling her sewing (shirts, shawls, and dresses) after people began noticing the beautiful design and color combination of the garments. She enjoys sewing and says it's just something she began doing as a very young teenager. the women in Travis' Tex Cherokee tribe have named her JoAnn Sews-a-Lot.

"I'm always proud to see my creations worn at pow-wows. I love seeing something I've sewed being worn there, and walking up to tell that person 'nice clothes!'"

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